Vicky Zugah apologizes to woman who cursed her for snatching her husband


Vicky Zugah has revealed that after weeks of searching, she has now finally found the married woman who cursed her for dating her husband.

She has apologized together with her pastor and family and the woman has accepted her apology so she is now free of the curse.

Vicky took to her Instagram page to thank Prophet Prince Elisha and her wife as well as her friends who have been therefore her since the prophecy came.

A couple of months ago, Ghanaian actress Vicky Zugah visited Prophet Prince Elisha’s church where it was revealed that she has been cursed.

According to the man of God, over a decade ago, Vicky Zugah was dating a married man and the man was spending a lot of cash on her.

The married man’s wife found out all about the affair and warned Vicky Zugah to stay away from her husband.

Immediately after the woman left, Vicky Zugah called the sugar daddy who came to pick her up in his car and took her to his house.

There, the man mercilessly beat the wife in front of Vicky Zugah and warned her to stay away from his girlfriend, Vicky Zugah.

Pained by what has occurred, the woman cursed Vicky Zugah in her absence never to be happy in any relationship she finds herself.

She also cursed her never to be taken seriously by any man who comes into her life. Marriage should also be a big problem for her all her life until she dies

Prophet Prince Elisha explained that it was the cause of the many relationship problems Vicky finds herself and the relationship abuses she is constantly facing in her relationships.

To break that curse, the prophet revealed Vicky has to find the woman and pray she is not dead. If she is alive, she has to get the woman to accept her apology and wholeheartedly forgive her.