UFO hunters photograph Area 51 in unprecedented detail as millions join alien hunt


Over a million people have signed up to ‘storm Area 51’ next month despite a warning from the US Air Force they could be shot in the process. The mysterious region of the Nevada desert has captured the minds of UFO hunters for decades. It has long been rumoured that evidence of alien contact has been kept inside the classified remote part of the US Air Force’s Edwards Air Force Base. Even with longtime UFO experts warning that alien contact would be a bad thing, nearly 1.5 million people are saying they plan to ‘storm’ the facility in September. But long before an attempt to visit Area 51 went viral, two UFO hunters got tantalizingly close. Alien investigators Tim and Tracey Doyle, who run UFO Seekers, took a hike to the top of nearby Tikaboo Peak in 2017 to get a better view of Area 51 itself.