check the new fashion website for men- “”


It is assumed that men do not really care about fashion and would wear anything so far as they consider it an outfit. But that assumption is wrong as modernization is changing a lot of things. Men are now conscious of what they wear and like to get the colour blend right.

This is where Urbanegh comes to the rescue. It is a new online portal recently launched by a group of young fashion entrepreneurs which is dedicated to the grooming of men in Ghana and Africa.

With the website address, it seeks to change the paradigm in the fashion industry by turning some attention to men’s grooming which has not been a subject matter for Ghana’s fashion industry for many years.

Urbanegh also would dabble as an advertising platform for male fashion products where fashion designers across the country, especially startups, can showcase their products there and attract new clients.

Even though the website is dedicated to men’s fashion, 30 percent of the content will also be reserved for women’s fashion.

Commenting on the idea behind creating such a platform, Founder and Senior Fashion Designer of Urbanegh, Nnaemeka Onyeka, said his vision is to create something different from what has been the norm in Ghana.

“I felt there was a huge void for men’s fashion and that no one was giving the men a voice or education on how to dress up as well as dress down. Looking at the general fashion landscape, there have been many fashion blunders such as the common one of wearing a black belt on a brown shoe.

I felt the need to create a portal where the average person could visit to get all details on how to rock his or her next look for that engagement, cocktail party, business meetings or for that Formal event,” he said.

He added that the introduction of Urbanegh will also bring stakeholders of the fashion industry together to share ideas on latest fashion trends and how Ghanaian fashion startups can position themselves to take advantage of opportunities that exist in the industry.