Vodafone affirms commitment to Ghana’s Mining Industry


Vodafone has pledged an overwhelming commitment to the mining industry in Ghana, as the digital economy enters a new phase of growth.

With the emergence of the Internet-of-Things, artificial intelligence, augmented reality and other new age technologies, several industries are taking full advantage in order to win in the marketplace. Vodafone’s partnership with the mining industry has been one of consistent innovation and growth; co-creating some of the industry’s most innovative technology solutions. The company has also been instrumental in transforming the sector to make it more efficient and safer with new tools.

At a recent mining summit in Accra, officials of Vodafone’s Enterprise unit, affirmed this commitment to continue supporting the industry – connecting the dots with automated platforms – around driverless trucks in the mining pits, drone services for stockpile management, conveyor belt weightometers, geo-fencing of tracks and sensors to monitor driver fatigue.

Head of Corporate with Vodafone Business, Johnson Arkaah said:

“We implore the mining industry to look to us when it comes to bespoke services in the areas of private LTE, IoT and other digitalised platforms to enhance their processes. Vodafone is committed to providing digital and technological solutions as a service so that mining companies can focus on their core business of mining mineral resources safer and efficiently. It is a partnership that also aligns with our promise of an exciting future for our customers and stakeholders.”

As a global leader in digital transformation, Vodafone Business is leading the way in telecommunications services in Ghana. The unit was adjudged the ‘Telecom Business of the Year’ at the just ended Ghana Information Technology and Telecom Awards (GITTA); shrugging off competition from more than ten companies.