Growing up as a child, I constantly felt proud as a Ghanaian every time my class six social studies teacher exposed me to the vast wealth of natural resources owned by my country. I became even much elated when I later realized that my beloved country Ghana was even part of a bigger rich family called Africa.

Congo Zaire is a shining example that reflects the unquantifiable wealth of this enviable motherland. After realizing that the untapped natural resources of Congo Zaire alone amounted to at least 20trillion dollars two decades ago, an amount bigger than the economies of both America and the continent of Europe put together, I joyfully swam in the pool of endless happiness.

Therefore, climbing through the academic ladder, I walked shoulders high mindful of the huge sustainability plan and infrastructural development these touted great wealth could offer to the future generation.

Today, I am matured for my age, and awoken from slumber by the tears of lonely street children. I have now realized I once lived in a paradise of mirage due to the unfruitful and disappointing legacy served as by most of our myopicand failed leaders.

The several children I see on the streets of Accra-Ghana, Somalia’s Mogadishu,Uganda’s Kampala,Burundi’s Bujumbura, Algiers-Algeria, Port Louis-Mauritania, South Africa’s Soweto and Djibouti City etc.every day, who continually wander about on empty stomach and without shelter-truly convinces me that Africa at the moment is indeed sick and needs an urgent healer.

An irony of what history bequeathed to memory.

Monies are paid to Ghost names every fiscal year in Africa and yet Precious children living on their own royal soil are treated as though slaves in a foreign land. Africa indeed needs to be re-examined. We now live in a Continent that such street children do not know as to whether or not to thank the Almighty God for giving them those leaders or probably look elsewhere for hope.

This is a wicked phenomenon that cuts across successive government which must be STOPPED NOW!!!

How I wish I was President just for three hours, I would have materially and prayerfully uplift these precious children who have done actually nothing to warrant their present circumstance from economic obscurity into economic lime-light.

They would live in a new promising paradise nurtured with fatherly love and built with selfless and good maternal leadership.

It would be a new world preserved with a permanent salt of hope.

It is at that moment, that the hopeless street child would also believe that their beloved motherland has a place for him/her too.

Ghana at the moment has not less than 45,000 street children and more. 75% of these children are in the high cities with 71% of them been illiterates. This is an ugly phenomenon that vibrates almost all other African nations. We must therefore collectively fight as a common nation and give these promising children hope for the future.

They are like any common place African child deserves the right to become somebody tomorrow, they can equally be your  Men of God, Doctors, Lawyers, Bankers, your Parliamentarians, your Judicial Personalities, and even your Presidents in future.


By: NANA OTU DARKO & KENNY NANA APPIAH / https://ghanaalert.com