Free Visas to UAE (Dubai) for tourist from July 15


Summer is here and travelers choosing destinations have good news from Dubai to travel with no visa hustle. The free visa is only for ages 18 and below, and Child must be accompanied by parent.

Abu Dhabi: As of July 15, the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship will enforce a decision waiving the tourist visa fees of children under the age of 18 who are travelling to the UAE accompanied by their parents.
This comes in line with a cabinet decision issued in July of last year, which stipulates this waiver for the Under-18 category from July 15 to September 15 every year.

The waiver is for children under the age of 18 on the condition that they are accompanied by one of their parents coming to the UAE on a tourist visa irrespective of the validity of the visa, be it a short or long-term visa.
The authority called on tourists planning to visit the UAE this summer to benefit from this waiver, which saves money and encourages people to choose the UAE as a tourist destination.

These facilities support the UAE’s competitiveness as a leading tourist destination able to attract families and visitors from all over the world to enjoy its heritage, culture, entertainment and beaches as well as its world class hospitality and hotel services.
This scheme was initially announced on June 19, but more details and an official start date ready for tourists to apply has only been announced now.

According to GULF NEWS a UAE based news outlet, UAE residents can now renew the residency visas of their 18-year-old dependent sons, whether they are secondary school or university graduates, for up to two consecutive years, the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship announced on Wednesday evening.

The residence permit, therefore, will be valid for a year and can be renewed for an additional year.

This benefit can be availed from the date of completion of secondary education of dependent sons, or those who have just graduated university, or those reaching the age of 18 years.