Strongman Fans In Kumasi Want A Beef Between Sarkodie & Strongman (+Video)


It looks as though Hiphop/Hiplife fans can’t get themselves over the recent beef which erupted between Strongman and Medikal and even though the pair seems to have called for a ceasefire, fans want it in a different dimension.

We have come across a video on the net which corroborates the above theory and it sounds funny that they want to drag Sarkodie’s name into the fray as well. According to these fans of Strongman, if Sarkodie is a man enough, he should ‘bring himself’ for a beef showdown with their boss, Strongman.

“The wordplay Strongman uses in his songs are powerful and he’s indirectly been dissing Sarkodie in his song but we do not take note”, they added. Don’t you think these guys are trying to bite more than they can chew?

Watch the video below for more details;