Patients “anathematize” poor medical services at Tetteh Quarshie Memorial Hospital


The pangs of distress, discomfort, fear and anxiety that precedes the delivery period of an expectant mother is indescribable. In addition to this emotional fight, the mere thought of having to undergo a Cesarean section (CS)  which comes with its own health implications, is a journey every other dreads; let alone having to undergo two major extra surgeries, due to the sheer negligence of a health facility and an inexperienced surgeon.

This ordeal is what ‘Mansa’ was left to go through at the hands of an inexperienced ‘housemanship’ surgeon and officials at the Tetteh Quarshie Memorial Hospital in the Eastern Region.

Mansa (real name withheld), narrated her ordeal to the B&FT. According to her, she was booked on appointment with two other pregnant women, but a surgery that took her colleagues some few minutes to go through, took more than an hour.

“Two days after the surgery, I started experiencing some severe pain in my tummy, I couldn’t eat or drink as my two other colleagues managed to. And anytime I lodged a complaint, nurses at the facility acted as if I was becoming too worrisome. I was finally discharged after the 3rd day, after much pain and sleepless nights until my family referred me to a doctor at the Koforidua General Hospital where it was discovered that my intestines was slashed off during the CS”.