Sarkodie doesn’t come to bed early – Wife


Wife of award-winning rapper Sarkodie has revealed that her husband does not come to bed early.

According to Tracy, the rapper mostly joins her in bed very late because of long recording sessions.

In a revealing Q&A session on Twitter, Tracy was asked about Sarkodie’s latest EP, ‘Alpha’, “What was your [most] difficult time on this #Alpha tape project??” 

The rapper’s wife revealed that: “He doesn’t come to bed early… man will be recording sometimes till 2am, 3am or 4am   ”

Her response triggered a lot of reactions.

Kofi Denzel 14  🇬🇭 🇺🇸 🔥 (Makana)‏ @StvrDenzel reacted by saying: “Go join him in the studio er hoh  ” TUESDAY 🇺🇸 🇬🇭 😋‏ @CobbyTuesdae said “Aww edo aa then you dey feel cold ” 

Amour GH1‏ @AmourRapper also said “That’s why he is still the king of African rap KING SARKODIE BOW DOWN TO GREATNESS”

A grateful Philemon Awuah 2Chainz‏ @2chainzAwuah said “We thank u for understanding him HE WILL BE THE GREATEST RAPPER IN AFRICA TILL DEATH”

“A warrior does not nt sleep hard wrk paaa nie    ” ADAKURUGU AZUMA‏ @AdakuruguA reacted.

Nana Sammy‏ @sammymelonzy also noted “Damn…   It must be difficult for u sharing ur husband with us all” while B L A R H O N E R O‏ @BlarhOnero_ added “Awww but through it all, we thank you for understanding him and helping to push it afterward… woy3 loving wife wat ”

The Q&A session saw fans and the public ask the rapper’s wife several questions with most centred on Sarkodie’s music and her influence on her husband’s work.

A user asked, “Did u help @Sarkodie in writing some of his lyrics in this Alpha project..?”

Tracy’s response to that question dropped the hint that she has been trying to convince Sarkodie to feature her on a song. That, unfortunately, has yielded any results.

“I enjoy music but when it comes to writing rhymes I don’t understand how it works. He has tried to help me write some small bars, but… I’ve been telling him to feature me so at least I can also put it on my CV but my man says no. Maybe you guys can put in a word for me,” Tracy said.

Sarkodie and Tracy married in July last year after dating for about a decade. They have a daughter, Titi.