Stonebwoy to sue media houses writing ‘fake’ news about his Kenya concert


Stonebwoy and many big artists like Morgan Heritage, Diamond Platnumz recently performed at the Tomorrow Leaders Festival in Kenya. After the concert, reports were published by most online publishers that Stonebwoy had a flopped show and that he was even kicked out of the hotel room by the organizers.

Stonebwoy hasn’t taken these reports lightly as he disclosed that he was very disappointed in the reports made by several online publishers. Obviously livid Stonebwoy has decided to resort to legal means to address these reports.

Does this mean that Stonebwoy intends on serving lawsuits to websites that published the ‘fake’ news of his flopped show and he is kicked out of his hotel room?

In a post on Twitter he wrote;

”Sometimes I wonder why so much WICKEDNESS in our Country. FALSE reportage Gives Us So Much JOY!! like I see these things and I’m pushed to regret Representing For this same Flag. When All they want is TO SEE US FAIL.. anyway the LAW works and we might resort to it!”

source: ghpage