“I was the one who saved Ghana rap from dying” – Medikal brags


AMG rapper, Medikal, has all of a sudden become braggadocious — something so weird since we don’t know him to boast this much.

May be something has changed or he now sees himself as a top musician in Ghana so he has bragging rights.

Just recently, he bragged that he’s currently the best rapper in Ghana.

As if that isn’t enough, he gathered the courage to ‘diss’ fellow senior rapper, M.anifest who has been in the game long before he blew up.

Well, the “Confirm” hitmaker has done yet another one after taking to his Twitter handle this Wednesday afternoon to blow his own horns.

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Saying he’s was the one who saved Ghana rap from dying 4 years ago. And that he promises to keep it alive.

“4 years ago I saved Ghanaian Rap music from dying and I promise to keep it alive ”, Medikal tweeted.

To me, the praises Medikal is receiving has started entering his head.

He should better be advised to tone down to the normal humble guy we know him to be and stop all these gloatings in recent times.