Stop the Mamprusi Chief (Soo- Na) from claiming Wasipe lands of Gonja as his- Wasipe Union Petitions Yagbonwura


A group of elite citizens of Wasipe based in Accra called the Wasipe Union has appealed Overlord of Gonja Yagbonwura Tuntumba Boresa to take a Court Order to restrain the person enskinned as Chief of Lukuli, a principal town of the Wasipe traditional area that shares a common border with the North East Region, by the Soo-Na of the Mamprusi Traditional Area from holding himself out as the chief of Lukuli and also from exercising the powers of a chief, whatsoever, of Lukuli.

A petition from the Wasipe Union signed by their Chairman Alhaji Ibrahim Bismarck Seidu, addressed to the Overlord of Gonja Yagbonwura Tuntumba Boresa and copied to the Minister Savannah Region, the Wasipewura, the Gonjaland Youth Association and other stakeholders said the people of Wasipe are very unhappy about the developments in Lukuli and are therefore prepared to do whatever it takes to reclaim their land and chieftaincy in Lukuli; with or without the support of the rest of Gonja.

The Wasipe Union said they are aware of a delegation Yagbonwura sent on 2nd May 2019, led by the Kusawguwura and Yagbonwura’s linguist Alhaji to the Nayiri to establish the veracity of the bold and unprecedented move of enskinment of a chief of Lukuli by the Soo-Na and whether he the Nayiri was aware of it.

The group also said they are also aware of the response from the Nayiri and statements made before the Nayiri Yagbonwura’s delegations by Soo-Na, which established without any shadow of doubt that the Soo-Na enskinned a chief for Lukuli; and went further to claim ownership of the land – as being Mamprusi and not Gonjaland.

The Wasipe Union in their petition also said they are aware that the Savannah Regional Minister, Hon. Salifu Adam Braimah has reported the case to National Security and also that the President of the Gonjaland Youth Association, Mr. Osman Amin, has by petition brought the issue to the attention of National Security as well but to date have heard nothing of what is being done.

They group say they have waited long enough for something to be done either by the Gonja Traditional Council or by the Government (Security Agencies) or both and so far nothing seems to be happening and that no one should blame them if they decide to take matters into own hands which would definitely lead to law and order problems for the new region (Savannah).

“On account of the above that we of the Wasipe Union are urgently entreating you (Yagbonwura), to without further delay, engage the services of legal experts to go to court to ensure a restraining order is placed on the Mamprusis to stop them from exercising any chieftaincy powers and entrenching themselves in Lukuli beacause, we believe this will not only create space for us to find an amicable and lasting solution to the problem but would restrain the people of Wasipe from taking the law into their own hands; at least in the short term; the group said.

The Wasipe Union said it is needless to say that this development should not be allowed to cut short the joy, and development they envisaged would come with the new regions they all strongly worked for.