Meet Prince the Ghanaian born Italian base barber behind the good look of star players Kojo Asamoah, Keita Balde,Mbaye and many more


Prince Sunquah is a Ghanaian born Italian based professional barber, back in Ghana, he is well known for his stunt in biking. The young man is now the professional barber behind many football stars in Europe.

In an interview with Blogger Ken Nana Appiah of Prince was asked about how he started the journey as a barber.

“My grand mum always cuts our hair when we were little after she is done because of her not being a professional, it gets most of my friends away making fun of me about my looks…I sat down one day and asked myself if my grand mum is able to barber then why can’t I also do it. I later went to school and told my friends that I can barber so if any of them is ready they should let me know and they laughed at me until one day I shaved a friend and they started believing in me …I did it for some time and later moved to Italy where I continue barbering my little brothers and whenever they go out their friends will be asking them who is the barber behind their haircut, and they will tell them their senior brother. funning enough I never used clipper but the blade. It continues for some time and the guys in the community I lived started coming over for a free cut and they also recommended me to their friends around and I bought a clipper. From there I started feeling I am now getting into the business fully. So I had a call from a friend one day and he said Kojo Asamoah the Ghana Blackstar player wants to see me and I knew what it was about so I prepared before going to his house. when I get there, we spoked and I later shaved him before leaving which made him happy and he also recommended me to his friends and suddenly most of them got to know me and I became their personal barber. “I will say I got the inspiration from my grand mum to become a professional barber that i am today” He said…

When asked about how much he is paid after barbering each celebrity he burst into laughter and said “I can’t disclose the charges

Bellow are Photos of him and some top players:

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By: Ken Nana Appiah