Neymar is back alive at Barcelona


Neymar has insisted on turning his life into a Netflix series, where the women, the orgies, the planes, the parties and the money are more significant than his football career. He prefers fun to work. He is ruining his future, committing suicide on social media. Not even the best scriptwriter in Hollywood would be capable of inventing such a turbulent story. His sporting talent has been eclipsed by his continous scandals. The latest episode would be called: Alleged rape of a Brazilian model at a Paris hotel. 

It’s clear that the Brazilian likes sex and money more than football. It’s a sad fall from grace for a 27-year-old player who, when he was in form at Barça, looked destined to replace Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo as the leaders of the game. Now he’s a broken toy because of injuries and controversy. Not looking after yourself in the world of football takes its toll. 

An ankle injury in a friendly has ruled him out of the Copa America after he lost the Brazil captaincy and Mastercard removed him from their adverts for the competition. His football career is on the precipice. Neymar’s become a marketing product with the serious error of leaving football in the background. 

With this uncontrollable panorama, Neymar’s future seems complicated. Paris Saint-Germain and his coach Thomas Tuchel are fed up of his continued conflicts, from arguing with his own teammates to hitting a supporter. Kylian Mbappe has already replaced him as the team’s leader and the Brazilian has started to think that it would be best for him to change clubs. 

He would like to return to Barça, where he believes Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez can positively influence him. But he has forgotten how he left Camp Nou, lying to the directors and his teammates. He devalued the affection of the supporters, demanding 40 million euros from a renewal bonus before he left. Surreal. Any deal would be as poisonous as it is expensive. It’s not recommendable under any concept. Neymar’s best years are already behind him and we enjoyed them at Camp Nou. Now Neymar is more about his name and fame than glory. 

Neymar? No thanks. Barça don’t need a player with more attention on him off the pitch than on it. At 27, it’s difficult, if not impossible, for him to change and become a good guy. Those around him don’t help, either, starting with his father and ending with his friends/tois who have been his teammates for his parties and his messes.  

Barça president Josep Maria Bartomeu cannot fall into the trap of airing a name to turn the page on a disappointing end to the season. More than excitement, Neymar generates doubts, rejection and problems. In addition, PSG want to make back the 222 million euros they spent on him, a ridiculous investment which is not redeemable. It would be a ruinous piece of business for Barça’s badly damaged finances. Better that Madrid sign him and the circus moves to the Spanish capital. Neymar at Barcelona is not of interest because of his dip in form, his high cost and any arguments for his image are quickly disappearing.