A son of the Overlord of Gonja (Yagbonwura) threatens to burn down all houses at Bole


A son of the Overlord of Gonja (Yagbonwura) threatens to burn down all houses at Bole

Prince Tuntumba Boresa who is son of the King and Overlord of Gonja Yagbonwura Tuntumba Boresa has threatened that the next time the Youth of Bole whom he called ‘villains’ repeat their action of destroying property of people who support the Yagbonwura’s nominated Bolewura Abudu Bukari, the houses of the entire Bole town will be raised down.

According to Prince Tuntumba Boresa, what happened at Bole last Wednesday 5th June, 2019 was unexpected and that next time Chief Kant’s house and his head would be burnt and that they are ever ready for him Kant (enskined Bolewura Kutuge Feso) and his rented youth at Bole.

Yagbonwura’s favourite son wrote this on his Facebook timeline in response to media reports that the Member of Parliament (MP) for Bole Bamboi, Hon Alhaji Yusif Sulemana has accused police in the region for relenting on their effort to prevent the chaos at Bole.

The MP said the Police did not do much to provide enough security at the Eid-Fitr prayer grounds at Bole last Wednesday in order to curb the incident.

The MP is also reported to have said, the police could have done better to prevent the unfortunate incident but relaxed on their duty to allow an incident in which some unidentified young men reportedly interrupted an ongoing Eid-Fitr prayer service at Bole last Wednesday and made away with the Imam’s Staff of Authority as worshippers knelt in prayer resulting in confusing with those at the prayer grounds running for their lives living their mats, clothes and slippers at the prayer grounds.

Prince Tuntumba Boresa said that the Police, BNI and Army commander at Bole must be blamed for the destruction of property at Bole.

According to Prince Tuntumba, the PRO for Northern region police command DSP Tanko clearly showed how poor and easy the police can be bought because he told Joy News on Friday 7th June, 2019 that, one party in the conflict (at Bole) is having 90% support of the youth and that was why they were able to set houses and properties ablaze.

Prince Tuntumba Boresa said this clearly show that they can not trust the Police, and that the Police have showed their interest in one of the parties in the feud at Bole.

The Yagbonwura’s son said all the security agencies heads at Bole must be changed with immediate effect or more violence is likely to repeat itself in a grand style.

He ended by saying that;
“It’s not only a single woman who gives birth to a criminal and recalcitrant”.

Meanwhile the Bole Youth for Peace and Development have said they heard with disappointment that some arrest would be made at Bole following some vandalization act that took place last Wednesday and that they wish to disclose to the Regional Security Commmittee (REGSEC), Savannah Region and the District Security Committee (DISEC) Bole District that any arrest would rather escalate the situation in Bole instead of promoting peace in the area.

The popular Youth group at Bole said one of the reasons for the action of the Youth, though comdemnable is the killing of a young man (Yakubu) who left behind two wives and seven kids without any arrest since December, 2018.

The Bole Youth for Peace and Development said the vandalization of houses and properties is totally condemnable and unaccepted and called on the good people of Bole, Chiefs and Queen mothers to exercise restrain at this difficult moment while stakeholders, the security agency, the leadership of the youth and government work for the volatile situation at Bole to be brought under control and possibly lifting of the curfew imposed on Bole township and its environs.