Nzulezo: village flottant du Ghana[voyage]


we introduce you to Nzulezo, Ghana’s floating village built on water

It is an area entirely built on stilts. Nzulezo literally means “on the water” because the village is just above the water’s surface.

It has about 500 inhabitants and local legend tells us that about 500 years ago, their ancestors followed their god, who appeared to them in the form of a snail, from the former empire of Ghana, which is now part of Mauritania and Mali. On this lake, they were protected from attacks by slave traders and other ethnic groups.

Nzulezo is revered for the atmosphere of happiness exuded by the villagers.

Youtuber et le blogueur @nappiebriggs nous font faire un court voyage dans ce village historique et nous expliquent également le fonctionnement économique de ce village, qui est isolé de la terre mère.

By : edem fiawonou