Amazon drone deliveries to start ‘within months’


Amazon has claimed its drone delivery service will be ready to launch within months.

The drones can fly up to 15 miles and deliver packages under five pounds (2.2kg) in less than 30 minutes – but only during the day and in clear weather.

They have wings and a rotor so they can fly like both a quadcopter and an aeroplane, allowing them to take off and land vertically and also glide horizontally

Mr Wilke told Bloomberg the drone had been designed to get the green light from America’s Federal Aviation Authority, but this does not mean that approval will necessarily be given.

The first ever drone delivery took place in Cambridge in the UK back in December 2016, but this was a test delivery for which the company had special permission.

Getting regulatory approval for ongoing deliveries will be more difficult due to safety and noise concerns.

By: Skynews