It’s been 10 months now after a kia truck loaded with cement blocks run into the Ashaiman market causing serious damages to life in properties. The incident which took away the life of five people, with others sustaining various degrees of injuries brought a total blackout to the people of Ashaiman on that fateful day, Thursday 26 July 2018 will forever be a day that traders and hawkers at the Ashaiman market will never forget. was at Ashaiman, and we realize the people of Ashaiman especially the traders have forgotten what happened some months back and getting back into the road to engage in their trading activities. This act of trading along the road has caused both cars and human traffic when passing by the Ashaiman market.

In an interview with one of the traders, she noted to that the economy is hard and buyers barely walk into the market to purchase, this has result to them having no choice then to come out to the road side and sell.

We call on the Ashaiman municipal assembly and the police to step out to the market and make sure the traders are put to order before another tragic occurrence happened.