Ghana: Court Freezes Opulence Shipment & Security Company’s Accounts As Search Intensifies


Justice S. Wadda Cisse, a High Court judge in Ghana on Tuesday ordered for the accounts of Opulence Shipment & Security Company to be frozen as the search for the suspect.
Ms. Beatrice is accused of shipping nearly three tonnes of Gold Dust from a shipment of industrial salt originating from United Kingdom, Opulence Shipment & Security Company amounting to over $88 million intensifies.
Operatives of the country’s Gold Law Enforcement Agency, Ghana, (GLEAG) last month, made a breakthrough by seizing 118 bags of Gold weighing a gross 2 tonnes, 120kg, and 85g.
The Gold was discovered during a search of a container shipped from the port of Guatamala in Mexico and then to the final destination of Jonathan Stoltz.

In delivering her order, Justice Wadda Cisse said: “Upon hearing learned Counsel for the applicants moved the summons ex-parte 26th January 2021, and after a careful reading of the averments in the supporting affidavit and the documents exhibited thereto, and a consideration of Council’s oral submission, the court is satisfied that the applicants have shown reasonable and cogent reasons to grant the following reliefs.”


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