It’s Wrong for Bisa Kdei to say the industry has slept on him-CODED 4X4


Raphael Edem Avornyo popularly known as Coded of music group 4×4 shared his tagught on colleaque musician Bisa Kdie commemnt over the media sleeping on his career and songs.

According to CODED he was very dissapointed to have heared such comments from Bisad Kdei but went ahead to praise him over his contribution to the high life genre and the music indutry at large.

“It’s so wrong for Bisa Kdei to say the industry has slept on him because all his songs are timless songs

I think the likes of KIDI,KUAME EUGENE, KING PROMISE and most of the young artist are the reason to his downfall because these guys came into the game with a different style of highlife music and trust me they are too good”.He said

CODED is yet to release a gospel single dubbed “HAND OF GOD”

watch full video vbelow:

Kenneth Daniel Appiah/


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